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A while ago I noticed someone in the OTRS community wrote a very simple but nice and useful plugin that allows you to export survey results to CSV files. I fixed some small issues with it with a pull request, about nine months ago.

SurveyExportLast week someone contacted me because he upgraded his OTRS system to version 3.3 and the package would no longer work. I ported the module to the 3.3 framework now, and it’s available for download from here: https://download.huntingbears.nl/SurveyExport-0.1.1.opm

Of course I also contributed my changed back to the original author.

Making it work on OTRS 3.3 was relatively easy. The original version had a rather nasty hack to display the extra link in the Survey Zoom screen, where basically the whole template file and frontend module were duplicated in order to add the extra option. In the last version of the Survey module, the screen now has a regular MenuModule registration, as in other parts of OTRS, so now the menu option could be added by simply adding some XML to the configuration file. I love it when porting a feature to a new framework version exists mostly of deleting stuff!

Update: Upon request I now have a version for the OTRS 5 framework available here: https://download.huntingbears.nl/SurveyExport-0.3.1.opm






6 responses to “OTRS Survey Export”

  1. Anton Avatar

    Do you still use OTRS?
    I need a module for Export Survey. For OTRS version 5.0.3.
    Please tell me what can be done?

    1. Michiel Avatar

      Hi Anton, I just ported the module to OTRS 5; http://download.huntingbears.nl/SurveyExport-0.3.1.opm

      1. Anton Avatar

        Thanks! Its work!

  2. edson Avatar

    Thank you for keeping this module compatible with new versions of the Framework.

  3. Bernhard Goiser Avatar


    It seems, that the download-link don’t work any longer. Can you pls update this information?

    Best Regards

    1. Michiel Avatar

      Thanks for the interest. The link was broken because I moved the web server from http to https. It’s fixed now!

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