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  • Pop!_OS development and no 22.10 release

    Pop!_OS development and no 22.10 release

    You probably know that Pop!_OS is the strangely named Ubuntu-based Linux distribution from System76, the company that sells mostly rebadged Clevo laptops tested & supported for Linux specifically. You might have read on your favorite Linux news site that there will be no Pop!_OS 22.10 because their team is ‘focusing their development time onto the […]

  • Dark patterns in the Gmail web app

    Recently, my Google Pixel 3a phone started to have a faulty USB-C port. Luckily the device is also able to charge wirelessly (in fact, it’s the first Google phone that does that!) but it’s still rather inconvenient. My employer provided me with an iPhone SE which I think is a rather great little device. I’m […]

  • Ali, what’s up

    Words on my favorite Chinese shopping site From time to time I buy stuff on AliExpress, mostly electronics. It has such a huge amount of items available which amazes me every time. Lots of quality stuff and lots of lesser quality stuff. Today, I found that it has rather strange text in the placeholder for […]