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  • DBD::mysql – even more utf8-issues fixed, super CI

    In my previous post I explained how many utf-8 related issues are now fixed in the latest DBD::mysql development release, and I asked for feedback and testing from our users. Even better utf-8 handling I’m happy to inform you that, thanks to your feedback, we’ve now released yet another development version, with even more UTF8 […]

  • DBD::mysql – all your UTF-8 bugs are belong to us!!□□

    After a couple of years of more or less “maintenance mode” on DBD::mysql – we had a hand full of people contributing occasional fixes and a whole slew of drive-by contributors – we now have a prolific contributor again: Pali Rohár. It’s great to see some more long-standing issues taken care of! This time around, […]

  • CPAN Pull Request Challenge for February: Archive::BagIt

    About the challenge See for more information my post about January. My assignment for February This month my assignment is Archive::BagIt. I never heard of BagIt before, but according to the Wikipedia page it is a format used by libraries to archive information and to be able to retrieve it later. I decided to check […]

  • New tar, paxheaders and installing from CPAN

    I work most often with CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platforms, which are widely deployed in enterprise environments. Last year version 7 was released, and while it’s great it has some features like systemd that scares some sysadmins off. This means the version most widely used is version 6, which comes with perl […]

  • Installing DBD::mysql on Strawberry Perl is really easy!

    DBD::mysql is the driver for the Perl DBI database interface. Basically, if you want to interact with your MySQL or MariaDB  server from Perl, this is the driver you’d use. I co-maintain the driver and heard people complaining that it’s difficult to install it on Windows. This post basically explains that it’s not so bad. […]

  • PostgreSQL 9.4’s JSONB and perl DBD::Pg

    As you’ll know by now, PostgreSQL 9.4 is out and it is better than ever. The most notable change is the new JSONB data type, where you can store ‘document type’ data in your relational database, basically allowing for supporting many use cases that previously required MongoDB or similar NoSQL solutions. A couple of functions […]

  • CPAN Pull Request Challenge for January: DateTime::Format::Epoch

    About the challenge About a week before Christmas I signed up for Neil Bowers 2015 CPAN Pull Request challenge. This is a challenge where each month you’d need to send a pull request to a module that would get assigned to you; and the idea is that you really need to make this one pull […]