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CDs should come in a jewel case

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Today I finally picked up the new Chemical Brothers album “For That Beautiful Feeling”. I was a bit disappointed to see that it came in a very slim cardboard case.

I do not like cardboard packaging. And especially the type the industry calls a ‘digisleeve’, the cardboard version without a tray for the disk, which is what this particular album came in.

The cardboard packaging does not properly fit in with my other CDs. Because it is slightly taller it does not fit in some types of CD storage solutions. And because the thing is so flat it makes it more difficult for me to locate the album I want to play.

Especially since CDs are not super mainstream anymore, why would you try to ‘innovate’ with this product? Call me old fashioned if you will, but I really think CDs should come in a jewel case.

My Chemical CDs in a row. Notice how the new album box is taller than the others.

Album package with disc and inlay